2021 Grenache Blanc

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Great Grenache spices with bright notes of crisp red cherries and a delicate bouquet of rose petals, Dabblebrook Long Lunch Rosé captures long summer days hanging with friends.

We cold soak the fruit at 1 degree before pressing it out for great colour and to bring out the spice and beauty that is Grenache.

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Exciting new release! A stunning white wine, new to the Dabblebrook selection in 2021, Grenache Blanc has beautiful white peach with crispy pear notes, subtle citrus and a dry finish. Grenache Blanc is t is it’s own variety, not a Grenache noir with no skin contact! Did you know it’s the fifth most grown white grape in France, #1 in Rhone. As with all our winemaking, it’s a gentle process letting the fruit shine to create a light, low acid but textural wine. G-Blanc take it out for a twirl!  

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